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What We Do

Trenchless repair is the best solution for your sewer or drain problem. Inversion lining, isolated patch repairs, junction repair system, robotic cutting and milling, cctv inspection, high pressure water jetting.


How it Works

Water is backing up, you have noticed unpleasant odours, there is concern for your workers,
customers or family. This is when you need the experts. There is a process that is part of
the service to identify if trenchless repair for your problem is the best solution.

Using a camera we can inspect the pipe to identify the problem.
If it is a waste blockage or tree roots we can clear them using
high pressure water jetting. If the pipes are
damaged we have clear images of the type of damage and
how much work needs to be done. From this assessment we
can prepare a quotation for the work that needs to be
undertaken. We will also advise on the environmental impact.

Assessing the Problem

When we have visual verification of the problem through the
use of cameras we can very accurately estimate the cost for
repair but without the additional time and cost for digging
trenches. It also means minimal additional costs for
reinstatement of your property. We will prepare a detailed
quotation which includes all components of the job as well as
the timeframe.

Quotation for the work

Pipe relining is installed using specialised inversion equipment
and an epoxy resin impregnated liner. Depending on the
situation the resin is either heat or ambient cured.
Once the damaged pipe is relined it has all the properties
and reliability of a replacement pipe. This technology in the
hands of experts will restore your damaged pipes to as good
as new condition without the usual impact on your property
or need for restoration

Getting the job done


When you have a problem with your pipes and want a solution that is going to turn your
damaged pipes into as new condition. A solution that will also be kind to your environment –
you need the pipelining specialists.


How Do We Work

We assess the situation up close using CCTV cameras, location equipment and water jetting.
Our focus is on a solution that delivers long term results with minimal disruption to your
business or home. Trenchless sewer and pipe repair in the hands of experts will have your
business or home back on track in no time.

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