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What impact can a blocked pipe have on your business?

Running a business is hard enough; getting and retaining customers, covering costs, and taking care of staff members. The last thing you need is to scare your customers, and staff, away, but a blocked pipe has the capacity of doing that. So, what impact can a blocked pipe have on your business?


Having a blocked pipe can severely impact the running of your business. Often, there is a smell associated with a pipe blockage. These odours can range from the mildly unpleasant to the outright disgusting. Not only can the smell deter customers, but a blocked pipe could shut the doors on your business until the block has been removed. Blocked pipes can make sinks unusable; a disastrous result for any business in the food industry or any other company who relies on running water to carry out their services, or wash their hands, or use a toilet.


As with most ailments, prevention is the best cure. If you avoid pouring oils, fats or any other solidifying liquids down your sink and by using a sink strainer, food wastes can be prevented from entering the pipe system. This will decrease the likelihood of a blockage occurring for your business premises’ pipes, keeping your business running.

Another way to decrease your chances of getting a blockage is to avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper, and the reason why you go in the toilet in the first place (which we will discreetly not name), down the toilet. Hair can be a cause of blockages too, usually occurring in showers. Leaves can block guttering, pipes, and drains. So, keeping outside drains clear and having gutter guards can prevent blockages.

A chemical drain cleaner can generally clear blocks that occur through the above-mentioned activities. However, there are some blockages that you can’t avoid so easily.

Professional help

There are some blockages that a chemical cleaner won’t fix. Such as a pipe blocked by tree roots or items flushed down the toilet. In this case, you will need to call a professional to come in and solve the issue for you.

That’s when the Pipelining Specialists with their 20 years of experience, and know-how, will be invaluable in getting your pipes unblocked and your business back into full swing.

Implement change

By adding strainers, containers for oils, and rubbish bins for sanitary pads, and other rubbish in the toilet, your business can simply and quickly implement changes that can help prevent your business being badly affected by blocked pipes. No company wants to lose customers because they remember the stink they encountered when they came to your store.

So, with a little consideration when disposing of things down your drain and by clearing leaves, and rubbish, you can help your business to avoid being affected by the dreaded blockage. However, when your business is in need of some pipe rehab, the Pipelining Specialists are the guys to call, because they care about the impact a pipe blockage can have on your business.

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